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Knowledge Healing Counselling Destiny, founded by Samiulla Khan M,

I Samiulla Khan M. I’m a Life Coach, is to facilitate a mass awakening among individuals. The Organization aims to remove the illusions that people have and guide them towards a brighter future. My primary objective is to help individuals recognize their potential and gain control over their minds. By doing so, my aim is to empower people to make their MINDS a good servant rather than allowing it to dominate their lives.

I have experienced all kinds of pains and troubles for 31 years, and have learned to face them. By facing these troubles, I have come to understand where they come from. Now, we not only teach others how to deal with their own problems, but also how to prevent them from arising in the first place, within 21 days. All kinds of problems in the world come from one place, which is our thoughts. Through 21 days of practice, we can stop negative thoughts of all kinds from arising.

In today’s world, every 1 in 4 individuals is facing various mental problems such as anxiety, depression, stress, OCD, multiple disorders, addictions, sleeplessness, frustration, suicidal thoughts, black magic and many more. Due to these issues, they have lost their focus, concentration, confidence, health, beauty, aging, happiness, success, trust and are also struggling with decision-making. I Samiulla Khan M helps in healing all these aspects. Clean, Clear and 100% Logical.

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We Believe in the Quality Mental Health Services. No Compromise.

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We Ensure the Confidentiality & Security in all the domains of the Client Information.

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