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SPIRITUAL LIFE                  

Why do we need Spirituality?

Because we need peace, for our soul.

Spirituality means: Transparency and clarity of our own position where we are. (Who Am I)

Transparency in our minds is necessary; when thoughts arise, our minds become clouded with illusions.

If we can control our thoughts, our minds will become clear, and we will be present in the moment.

This clarity from illusion, what is called spirituality, and it brings peace.”

Having Presence Of Mind is your real position and only then can you attain peace.


SPIRITUAL LIFE                  

Why do we need Spirituality?

Because we need peace, for our soul.

Spirituality means: Transparency and clarity of our own position where we are. (Who Am I)

Transparency in our minds is necessary; when thoughts arise, our minds become clouded with illusions.

If we can control our thoughts, our minds will become clear, and we will be present in the moment.

This clarity from illusion, what is called spirituality, and it brings peace.”

Having Presence Of Mind is your real position and only then can you attain peace.


After a person is born, they initially have limited control over themselves, and as they grow older, their ability to control their mind can diminish. Therefore, one of the most significant tasks for a human being is to regain control of their mind. If a person’s mind is not under their control, they may be considered HALF MAD, as their thoughts and actions are not guided by rationality.

When the mind is not under control, it becomes difficult to maintain focus and concentration. This lack of focus can hinder individuals in various fields, from sweepers to scientists, leading to failures in their work. Your mind has a significant influence on your actions and outcomes, so it is crucial to have control over it.

An illustrative example is when a student is sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher over the course of a year. If their thoughts consistently wander outside of the classroom, they will struggle to learn effectively from the teacher. However, when one maintains attention, presence of mind, and focus, they are more likely to comprehend and internalize the teacher’s words, leading to accelerated learning.

Therefore, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of gaining control over one’s mind. Developing skills such as mindfulness, concentration, and self-discipline can aid in this pursuit. By actively cultivating control over the mind, individuals can enhance their ability to focus, engage with their surroundings, and ultimately achieve success in various endeavours

Without control, it can lead to various unsettling thoughts, potentially even leading to suicidal tendencies. This implies that your mind generates thoughts ranging from fear to suicide. To effectively manage your mind, it is necessary to regulate your thoughts. Controlling your thoughts becomes the first step towards mastering your mind.

Keep in mind that an average person encounters anywhere between 20,000 to 50,000 thoughts per day. This influx of thoughts often results in perpetual confusion. Consequently, one remains in a state of perpetual confusion. The way your thoughts arise determines the functioning of your mind. If you inundate your mind with 20,000 to 50,000 thoughts each day, the result will be complete confusion. When your mind is beyond your control, approximately 90% of the thoughts that arise tend to be pointless, wasteful, and negative in nature.


Question: What problems do we face because of thoughts?

Ans: See, until you do not get any thoughts, till that time your mind will not do any work,

For example, if you find yourself looking at someone’s belongings or anything else, you will not steal unless the thought crosses your mind. Once the thought arises, whether it involves a small or large sin, if you entertain the idea, you are likely to act upon it. However, if you can maintain control over your thoughts for a period of two minutes, you will refrain from causing harm to others and avoid ending up in jail. But if, within those two minutes, your thoughts urge you to commit an act, and you succumb to them, you will undoubtedly end up taking someone’s life and facing the consequences of imprisonment. This signifies that humans are trapped in a state of illusion, making it crucial to exercise control over our thoughts. It is of utmost importance to monitor and regulate our thought processes.

Have people ever witnessed a devil or a ghost in the world?

How does fear affect humans?


Can a blind person be scared?

If they can’t see, where did the fear come from?

If you can’t see them either,

have you only encountered them through posters or TV?

Even though you haven’t truly seen them, your mind is what scares you. The world is often misguided and troubled, as people believe in the existence of a devil, but in reality, there isn’t one.

If a devil truly existed, wouldn’t they have caused chaos and harmed everyone around? This implies that it’s just an illusion created by our thoughts and nothing more. Has anyone actually seen the devil? Yet, we still believe in its existence, which can lead to unnecessary fear and even heart attacks.

It is only your fear and your illusion, due to which you can have a heart attack. Your mind will begin to work as soon as you start thinking. Unless you control your thoughts, your mind will operate on its own.

Let me provide an example to illustrate this point: snakes exist in the world. When a snake bites a human, it is often the case that 70% to 90% of these snakes are non-venomous, such as water snakes or rat snakes. However, humans tend to believe that every snake they encounter is a venomous cobra. Once this thought enters their mind, they become convinced that the snake is dangerous and poisonous. This misconception leads to numerous fatalities. Essentially, when this fear or illusion arises, triggering the release of certain chemicals in the brain, known as the placebo effect, a detrimental chain of events unfolds. The chemicals released can have a toxic effect, resulting in a heart attack and ultimately leading to the person’s demise.

Do you believe that God needs to create additional sources of trouble for us? Our thoughts alone are sufficient to lead us into sin, destroy us, and harm our health.

There is no necessity for God to create something else that could only bring us destruction through the combination of our minds and thoughts.

Therefore, it is crucial to recognize our own power and potential in order to truly know ourselves. The importance of self-identity cannot be overstated, as humanity has forgotten its true nature. That’s Spirituality.



Question: So it means that till date no one has been able to teach how to control their mind?

Answer: No, it is not true, through all the religious books that have come into the world. Which refers to holy books such as the Quran, Gita, Bible, and others, states the same message. Since the beginning, messengers have come to this world and clearly conveyed. This message in all these religious books. A person who cannot control their mind lacks existence, importance, and the capacity for even the smallest things. Essentially, they are equivalent to zero. In the past, there wasn’t as much material available to help us understand, and people didn’t have the same open-mindedness that we have today. Nowadays, humans are easily socialized. Whether they are adults or children as young as 11 or 12 years old, they quickly adapt to social situations. This is because we live in an age of awareness, (Era of Aquarius) where individuals readily grasp what is right and wrong. When presented with logical arguments, people today are able to understand and absorb information rapidly. because in this era there will be a greater emphasis on social equality, technological progress, and spiritual awakening.


Question: What about the many practices that are happening in today’s era?

Answer: See, in today’s era, meditation is being practised the most, people have been doing meditation for 50 years. Are they not?  For that some people go to the jungles and also go to the Himalayas, many people are doing meditation, and have been doing this for 50 – 50 years, Is his mind under control?  No, because what do they do at the time of mediation? They pay attention towards their breath.

See! Your mind is like a machine. If you want it to be under your control. You have to control your thoughts, when thoughts keep coming, the mind works like a machine. If “YOU” concentrate on your breathing, it’s not “YOU” who is concentrating, but rather your mind. This doesn’t work so when you concentrate on your thoughts your mind will be under your control.

While you have to pay attention to your thoughts, if you are paying attention to the breath, then it is your mind’s work, not yours

Paying attention to your breath, it will only improve your health.  Ok! Mind will not come in your control. So “YOU” have to work, (not mind).

While you have to pay attention to your thoughts, due to which your mind will come under control, what would happen if your mind focused on the breath?  That’s why they have been doing this for 50-50 years, that is, they are doing meditation, yet to date, no one has found any results for this.

No one can come and say that I can control my mind like this, I can do it easily, and no one will be able to tell! Because he is focusing on the breath, isn’t he?

“You” have to focus on your thoughts, not your mind on your breath.


Question: There are so many gurus in the world, what about each one who says differently?

Answer: Until the truth is discovered, people hold their own beliefs.

These beliefs persist until the truth is known, leading to the emergence of many new ideas and creations. In the world, it is conceivable that there may be 500 or 1000 different perspectives, but do these perspectives control our minds?

The truth remains elusive until it is uncovered, preventing us from fully understanding it. As a result, new concepts continue to emerge as individuals try to make sense of their own understanding. Each person’s perspective differs because they interpret things differently. However, once the truth is revealed, there can only be one universal reality. For example, if I have a phone and show it to someone, it becomes an undeniable fact that it is indeed a phone.  Isn’t that true?

People express their thoughts based on what they struggle to comprehend. This is why different individuals have varying perspectives, while the truth itself remains singular. Although there are numerous thoughts and ideas, the truth is often simple and logical. Therefore, it is relatively easy to recognize and understand it.

Question: So how did you get this knowledge?

Answer: From the age of 17, we began facing endless troubles. I travelled to numerous places, met various gurus, and searched everywhere, but none could satisfy me. However, during this time, I came to realize that everything I sought was within myself.

The answers I needed could be found within, not elsewhere. So, what did I do? I started practicing, and it took me nearly 20 years to realize that my mind was my enemy. Despite the challenges, I persevered in my practice for 20 years, continuously striving to overcome this realization. Eventually, after 5 years of dedicated effort, at around 31 years of practice, I received the reward for my struggles. Perhaps this time, I have managed to simplify everything and condense it into the most essential knowledge. This knowledge is so accessible that you can achieve it within just 21 days of practice.

While it took me 31 years to achieve this level of control, you can attain it in only 21 days. This condensed wisdom represents the entirety of my knowledge. By extracting and compressing all this knowledge, wisdom emerges. If you approach it from this perspective, you will clearly see that to control our minds, we must first gain control over our thoughts.



Reveal:  There are two types of thoughts:

1)      “It will keeps wandering.”

2)      “It will scare or discourage you.”

To control your mind, you need to say, “WHAT AM I DOING” And whenever it scares or discourages you, at that time you should say, “WHATEVER HAPPENS LET IT HAPPEN” You have to remember “WHAT AM I DOING” for a moment and keep repeating it, so that your thoughts will come into the presence of mind. Remember, if you keep repeating something, it will become a habit. This means you will develop a habit of paying attention to your thoughts. As soon as a bad or useless thought arises, you will be able to stop it before it takes hold, it means you will be in conscious.

After that, if any thought scares or discourages you, such as thoughts saying you can’t do anything, you will fail, or any kind of fearful thought, then you have to say, “WHATEVER HAPPENS LET IT HAPPEN”. If you keep repeating “WHATEVER HAPPENS LET IT HAPPEN” to that thought, it may come 5 or 10 times, but eventually it will stop. Similarly, if you keep neglecting a certain thought, it will stop coming.

Saying “WHATEVER HAPPENS LET IT HAPPEN” will gives you courage. You need it in that moment.

This practice should be done for at least 21 days, regardless of what you are doing. Whether you’re driving, working in a company, cooking, or praying, you have to remember “WHAT AM I DOING” for a second. This way, you will develop a habit of staying in the presence of mind and your thoughts will start to filter. No bad or useless thoughts will come.



You have to do two things

1)      “WHAT AM I DOING”


say everything is almighty’s will, if you say like that, all negative thoughts will go away. And you become energetic. You have to remember these phrases thousands of times in a day so that your mind comes under control. Once your mind comes under your control, you won’t need to say anything.

Automatically. This becomes your habit in the subconscious, and it will make you more aware. You can do that in any situation, you can do it at any time. You don’t have to sit anywhere for that.


Prediction: I am Samiulla Khan.M, S/o K. Maqbool Ahmed Khan (Mysuru)

I wish for a Mass Awakening of every individual in the world and recognize their potential and regain control of themselves. I wish for every individual to understand themselves and learn how to take control of their minds. A time will come when every parent and teacher will prioritize teaching children the importance of controlling their minds. Whether it’s in schools, tutoring centers, or universities, the first lesson will be about controlling the mind everywhere.

2nd & 3rd generations, will say that their fathers and grandfathers were HALF MAD because their minds were not under their control. And a time will come when every person can control their mind.

If your mind starts to come under control, the world will become like a paradise. There will be no extreme emotions or fights. There will be no hierarchies, only love and affection for everyone. The progress of the world will surpass.

All the inventions that have happened or are happening so far. They will only represent 1% or 2% of what can be achieved. When everyone’s mind is under control. If every child starts taking control of their mind, there will be countless inventions.

Currently, the world is engulfed in flames. There is a lack of love for parents, siblings, friends, and neighbours. The entire world has turned into a hellish inferno. If everyone’s mind comes under control, this world will become a paradise. Everyone will live in peace, and everyone will have their own destiny.


Question: Despite this, many questions will still arise in the world, what about it?

Answer: After this, all the questions that arise in the world confuse you.

There are thousands and millions of questions in the world, no matter what the questions is, in the end, you have to control your mind. This means you must control your mind in the end. Now, let me clarify something: when your mind is under control, you won’t feel bad, your work will be perfect, and you’ll be capable of doing anything you set your mind to.

Statements like:  ‘I can do this’ or ‘I can’t do that’ are merely thoughts. By staying present and mindful, you can learn and achieve anything. If other questions arise, they can come from anywhere. Controlling the mind is the ultimate goal. Don’t pay attention to all the questions that come your way, as they can mislead you. Others may also attempt to misguide you. That without control over your mind, you amount to nothing. Once you gain control, success will follow you in every aspect of life.

So, remember, there is only one essential question in the world: how to control our minds? All the other answers reside within us. We are complete beings created by God. The only hindrance is the dust that covers our minds. Deep within, we possess wisdom of the entire universe. It’s an illusion that prevents us from recognizing our potential.

I’m not presenting you with something extraordinary. I’m merely sharing a way to remove the dust that has settled on you. If you practice this for 21 days, gradually the illusions and dust will dissipate. This knowledge leads you to wisdom. And you’ll become a successful individual.

Humans are born with wisdom,

And there’s also the mind,

In Mind 20k to 50k thoughts per day,

In thoughts, we lose focus, concentration, confidence, success, health, beauty, ageing, happiness, trust issues and lack of decision-making.

This results in living in an illusion fantasy world, self-doubt, anger, jealousy, fear, anxiety, stress, depression, OCD, multiple disorder, addictions, black magic and suicidal thoughts.

If we control our thoughts,

The mind will be balanced,

Your wisdom will automatically always be there.

Everyone has his own path,

A real teacher never comes with you,

He shows the way.

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